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First of all, very many thanks to all of you who've posted birthday wishes today.

I've had a nice, and largely quiet birthday. A lazy morning, slightly frantic afternoon and a pleasant meal at the village pub with Mum and Dad this evening.

Present report: I got a nice haul of clothes, including a sexy nightie that is so short I'm quite shocked at my mother! Of course, she balanced it by buying a matching dressing gown in size fourteen, presumably to make up for the length-challenged nightie? ;) Also had a few books, all of which look very interesting, even though I've not heard of them before. And James McAvoy in a box, in the form of The Last King of Scotland on DVD. :)

I had a call from the tutor at Portsmouth University at lunchtime, he was very nice, and pending the formalities of me returning an application form, I pretty much have a place on the course, which was just about the best birthday present I could have asked for. So I spent a while this afternoon decoding the nuances of the application form and figuring out how much funding I'll be eligible for.

So I suppose I'm now officially looking at moving by myself to Portsmouth, rather than moving to Bournemouth with my parents. I only hope I can find a place in Portsmouth before we have to move from here so I don’t have to do both!

If things go according to plan, I'll be starting uni the same day the [livejournal.com profile] metamorfic_moon All Hallows' Moon Jumble kicks off -- so can all you students on my f-list start giving me lessons in how to balance studying and fandom? ;)

On that note, I shall head off to bed and make a start on one of the books, but I shall leave you with this:

Click the image for details.


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