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My mouse is back, well, not the same mouse since he got his head chopped off by the mouse trap in March as did his buddy, on the same day. Sigh. I've suspected it for a week now, but I put it down to my paranoia after the nightmare I had with them earlier in the year, but I've just found irrefutable evidence of mousy activity and I'm not happy. This place is too small to share with a free range mouse. 

Why can't they just have a munch on the mouse poison and die? 

Why won't my landlord come and take the radiator off so that they can quickly block off the mouse house?

It's not that I'm scared of them, (although I certainly wouldn't want one anywhere near me) but they're dirty, disgusting, incontinent creatures and they are NOT welcome in my flat. 

The landlord is supposed to be coming some time this afternoon to check out something else, I'll have another go at him then, and get him to bring me some more mouse traps.
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Ok it is one thing telling my land lord that in the event of a dead mouse I would deal with it by myself. Now that I am faced with this task I have only one stipulation: there is NO WAY that I am pulling the trap open to release the poor dead bastard! The whole lot is going straight in the bin!

Urg! I need a coffee first!
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For the last couple of days I have suspected that a mouse has been carrying out scavenger missions in my flat. These suspicions were founded on nothing more than a rustle here or there and largely I thought myself paranoid. Early this evening I found almost conclusive evidence of wee rodent activity when I lifted something up and found some shredded kitchen roll. Tonight however I have irrefutable evidence! About an hour ago I spotted the mouse (he really is quite cute...but that's beside the point) and promptly called in the male backup in the form of my friend at the hotel. Even luckier for me, my land lord had been manning reception this evening so the phone was promptly handed over to him. Both men rose to the occasion and set forth across the road to become mouse hunters supremo.....sort of. They failed to catch the mouse but my land lord saw him and that's the main thing because I am getting mouse defenses. The mouse disappeared and we eventually concluded that he had retreated into his own mouse house underneath the radiator. Lovely landlord blocked up the hole with a sponge and they both left.
10 minutes later I spot the little bastard crawling up behind the radiator, I watched like a hawk for a while and when he didn't emerge took a torch to the back of it.
There is another blasted hole above the one we blocked up about 4 inches above it behind the radiator which cannot be reached by hand.
I can only hope that tonight's adventures and lack of food in my flat deter the mouse for the night and that my mouse weaponry arrive soon.


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