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My ex-boyfriend, who is Australian, is coming back to the UK. We broke up almost exactly two years ago, it was an amicable split and we have remained very close. He IMed me this evening but I happened to be on the phone with his mother at the time and I missed him. So I am now very excited that he is coming back and have no outlet for this excitement so I am blogging it!!!

He's been offered a job in Sheffield by a mutual friend of ours and will be spending two weeks or so in London prior to jaunting off up North. It's the perfect job for him. His a lifer in the catering industry and the job he has been offered is in a newly refurbished pub that has both a restaurant and a lively bar which will suit both his love for quality food and his energy behind the bar. He will be the assistant manager which is great because he has neither the responsibily level or the discipline for being the boss yet has a passion for and expertise in what he does. I am so pleased for him.

I was once apart of a big group of Aussie friends who were all connected because they either knew each other back home or from their jobs when they first came over, 95% of them have gone back now and Joe is the first to return....my best friend who is an ex collegue and good friend of Joe's is also coming back at some point this summer....I feel a rallying of the troops comming on.....big London reunion yeah!!!

Summer '06 is gonna ROCK!


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