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Shitty old day today, by the time 8pm came along I was so fed up with work phone calls that I changed my Skype status to Do Not Disturb and turned my mobile off. Hiring people is not fun. Dealing with smarmy, jumped up recruitment agents is not fun. I'm in a grump and that's not fun either. 

On a brighter note, I ordered Mum a laptop today so that we can keep in touch by email and Skype and when I see a dress I really like I can show her what it looks like on a web site! I'm very excited about this, I shall have to go down there in 7-10 days and show her how to switch it on ;) She's never really used a computer before and certainly never browsed the internet so it should be interesting! I'm going to set everyone in my family up with an LJ, including an RL one for me, so that we can all share stuff that we find and tell each other about what we're up to. She's quite excited about that. 

On a truly bright note, the sun actually shined for over an hour today. Since most of the South of the country got slapped with a drought order a couple of weeks ago, all it's done is rain! Still we're forcast to be back on track tomorrow and it will raineth once more. 

I was tagged by [personal profile] gloryforever, I'm not going to tag any one because I think y'all have done it already.

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Today, I had intended to take, if perhaps not to take the entire day off, at least half of it. I managed to have myself a little lie in, which was very nice but I ended up working the rest of the day.

Still t'was a pleasant afternoon, the sun was shining and I set myself up with my laptop on the coffee table and my bottom on the bean bag that my lovely mother recently bought me. I even got a sun tan!

Tonight, I had agreed to look after the hotel for a few hours, just until 11 o'clock. My friend called me this morning to inform me that there were late checkins who were scheduled to arrive at midnight but bribed me with double time after 12 should they be any later.

So.....I finally crossed the road to home at 2am this morning, 3 hours later than I originally agreed and 2 hours after I had expected to when I started. I'm knackered, and a little pissed off to that been put in that position, frankly.

I posted my drabble on [profile] rt_challenge just after I got home. I was rather proud of the basis of it, though thought could have done better with the writing, but [personal profile] mrstater gave me a beautiful review and put a smile back in my evening morning!

I'm planning to walk over to the Natural History Museum tomorrow, to see if they have an outdoor exhibition going on. I could of course look at the website, but then if they don't, I will have deprived myself of the opportunity to walk past the Albert Memorial; with which I have a small obsession!
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You know how sometimes when you have a deadline, and you know you still have time to make it but you keep putting off actually finishing the job? Well that's what I'm doing right now.

By 9am tomorrow morning I have to deliver a document that details every datepicker in 4 applications and make reccomendations on which the default year should be. The task does not appeal. The really annoying thing is that I suggested that we do it. It does need to be done but not now and certainly not by tomorrow morning but what ho, some one has a bee in their bonnet about it now.

I'm off to start now, really.......well maybe after I check for new posts at [profile] rt_challenge
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I was just a little bit bored so I Googled 'Cool Stuff to Download' and.....I now have a 'Lunarbar'! For some reason I am ridiculously excited about this, now I will know when to watch out for the werewolves!
I have actually been dancing around my flat in excitement, I think I must be overtired, delirious even after a long (6 and a half hours)but exciting and energetic meeting today. I also had to get the 8.50 train which is just cruel, my CEO is as cool as a cucumber and doesnt himself get up til 10ish and so when I go into the office I don't usually rock up before 11, my system is upset. Add to that I got the 4.40 train back which was still chockers will school brats from places like Slough Grammar, Langley Grammar and worst of all: Langley Wood. I'm sure kids weren't as repulsive when I was at school and that was less than 10 years ago. And I'm sure that the only grammar these kids know is in the name of their school and ever second word is f***. It's not that I never swear, but it is always appropriate to the company and never in a place where I might be over heard by some for whom it is offensive.
Any hoo! I'm off to find more cool stuff to download:)

If you want your very own Lunar Bar it can be downloaded free from http://infra-azure.org/lunabar/downloads.html


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