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This is a rare explicitly political post from me and, British flisters, I can only beg you to read it.

This morning, Lord Peter Mandelson took over from Harriet Harman as Acting Prime Minister. This means that the person currently governing our country is unelected, entirely without mandate.

It is bad enough that Gordon Brown can compromise the democratic integrity of this country by appointing him First Secretary of State, a position that is Deputy Prime Minister in all but name, but to leave the man in charge in his absence is wholly unpardonable, and seems to showcase the contempt this government has for anything but their own will.

It doesn't really matter what your politics are: socialist, liberal or conservative; if you are a citizen of this country who values their right to vote, then this is a flagrant infringement on the democratic process.

We're not talking about ideals here -- well, perhaps some will think we are, but there are some that should not be compromised -- and I'm certainly not in the habit of using shock tactics or drama to convey my concerns about the state of politics in this country, so I'm not going to tell you that in the next week, Mandleson could stage a political coup, but this is a man with a personal agenda, and it is not unreasonable, at all, to suppose that he will use this opportunity to spread his wings and make little movements towards whatever his ultimate goal is -- the premiership, one must assume.

But there we are moving into the arena of distrust in the man himself, which is subjective. It honestly wouldn't matter if it was my father in his position, or myself, for that matter. The very pertinent point is that right now, an unelected man is in charge of the country, and that ought to be enough to worry us all.

I am going to be looking, over the weekend, for a petition against this, or start one myself, if anyone wants to be linked to it, and I really hope some do, then please let me know.

Thank you for reading, if you have got this far, and apologies for being political this late on a Friday. ;)
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So my first edition of The Week arrived, and it's a little disappointing considering all the juicy stuff that's happened this week. I think that all the juicy stuff must have happened as they were going to press, so stuff like Mr. Prescott's affair fell by the way side. Wicked quote though, from the fiancé of the woman he had an affair with: 'I feel sick, I can't believe the woman I wanted to marry slept with John Prescott''. I think I want to marry him

I love The Week because it gives an unbiased portrayal of the weeks headlines, both domestic and international but in it's editorials and columns is admirably sensible and non-sensationalist. The 'Spirit of the Age' column is lacking this week but I will relay the best entry:

'A disabled woman was barred from entering a pub because her fake arm posed a safety threat. Brenda Jackson, 44, was turned away from the Cross Keys in Burney on the grounds that she might use her false arm as a weapon.' - The Week, 29th April 2006.

WTF??? I'm not sure if there is a legal precedent, but surely the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) is a superior law to the Licensing Act. Then again, the DDA doesn't make the government any money where as the LA does, but both acts are deeply routed in PC, particularly the DDA which throws practicality out the window. 

I read this this which I found mentioned for a similar reason as this on the LJ  of [profile] theregoesyamum earlier today and was amazed (and indignant). I thought it was a satire until I read the comments, then I read that 33% of women find housework more satisfying than sex. Eh?

Y'all in the States have, I presume read about Lee Paige, the DEA officer who shot himself whilst giving a talk on gun safety to a bunch of school kids in Florida! He's suing the government following a leak to the press about his blunder, which apparently caused him 'mental anguish, loss of reputation, embarrassment, humiliation, and anxiety' . Well, he wouldn't have made it into the UK press if he hadn't sued! 

'pologies for the cynical mood tonight, I just get so pissed off with constantly listening to whiney PC people, it gives me the shits!


Apr. 19th, 2006 09:24 pm
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