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I think I'm going to paint my new shelves purple. I've always wanted to paint stuff purple, and these are my shelves and this is my flat and I'm going to paint them purple. Mum'll have a fit when she sees them, she wants me to paint them, but she wants me to paint them white. I hate pine painted white, with a passion.

Just did something that was probably a bit silly. I downloaded a whole album from i-Tunes, I can't really afford it but I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to listen to Jagged Little Pill and although I own the CD, I don't have it with me and anyway the track 7 of the CD (You Learn) which is in my opinion the best song on the album is all scratched up.

Next pay day, when my raise kicks in, I think I'm going to order an ex-HDD a 60 gig Lacie should do the job. I've been increasingly worried about my back-up practices and in the wake of my email fiasco and I've got to do something. I use Handy Backup, a neat little application and I backup daily to a folder on my c drive but when I was working from the main dev office I was backing up from there to a server, which then backed up to an external network drive that lived in another building. I'm not backing up my laptop at all, although I am making sure that I sync my work folder on both machines regularly.(Oh my! I'd forgotten how much I LOVE track 6 of this album!)I'm keeping everything important on a memory stick that goes everywhere with me, but I'm even getting worried about that now as it is not password protected.

I've also been thinking that I might finally get myself a PDA. I've always wanted one, but I could never justify the expense. Now I think that I can. I'm overdue for an upgrade on my phone and I had picked out the Samsung D600 as the replacement, but an ad for Windows Pocket PC and the knowledge that from the end of the month I will actually have the freedom to spend money on things other than rent, bills and food has spurred ideas in different directions. The idea of always having access to my work emails is an appealing one and it would give me the freedom to do things like go out for morning coffee or go and work in the park for a bit. On the other hand, I could get a 3G card and just use my laptop. Hmmm, I'll have to have a think.


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