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Today, I had intended to take, if perhaps not to take the entire day off, at least half of it. I managed to have myself a little lie in, which was very nice but I ended up working the rest of the day.

Still t'was a pleasant afternoon, the sun was shining and I set myself up with my laptop on the coffee table and my bottom on the bean bag that my lovely mother recently bought me. I even got a sun tan!

Tonight, I had agreed to look after the hotel for a few hours, just until 11 o'clock. My friend called me this morning to inform me that there were late checkins who were scheduled to arrive at midnight but bribed me with double time after 12 should they be any later.

So.....I finally crossed the road to home at 2am this morning, 3 hours later than I originally agreed and 2 hours after I had expected to when I started. I'm knackered, and a little pissed off to that been put in that position, frankly.

I posted my drabble on [profile] rt_challenge just after I got home. I was rather proud of the basis of it, though thought could have done better with the writing, but [personal profile] mrstater gave me a beautiful review and put a smile back in my evening morning!

I'm planning to walk over to the Natural History Museum tomorrow, to see if they have an outdoor exhibition going on. I could of course look at the website, but then if they don't, I will have deprived myself of the opportunity to walk past the Albert Memorial; with which I have a small obsession!
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So I was working away today minding my own business and generally just getting on with things when my phone rings.

It was my friend who runs the hotel across the street from me (my building and the hotel are owned by the same family) who I was very glad to hear from as I needed him to come over with a ladder and change a light bulb.

It turned out we both had favours to ask of each other although his favour works out quite nicely for the both of us. The receptionist who had been booked to work this evening had let him down and he was already engaged to attend a very posh xmas dinner.

So! Here I am this evening with a largely empty hotel in my custody and nothing to do but write my blogs and get on with my FF stories *sigh* poor me!

So far all I've had to do is tell a polish bag lady that the only rooms we have available were £120 (blatant lie, but seriously who expects to get a room in a hotel if all you turn up with are a couple of torn Sainsbury's bags???) and answer two telephone calls both from the big boss (also my land lord)....and for all this I get paid!

AND Tony got me the network key for the WiFi in the hotel next door so I am using my own laptop!

I also got my light bulb changed which may not sound all that exciting but I have been relying on my table lamp for 3 days now. My ceiling is ridiculously high even if I stood on the kitchen work top I'd still be two foot from being able to even touch the bulb! So Tony, bless him, popped over with the very necessary ladder and kindly replaced the bulb and then there was light.

Good day:)


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