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Some of you know that before I became a poor, lowly student, I had a rather nice job with a software company that was attempting to deal with some of the problems surrounding personal privacy and data ownership on the 'net.

There are things I see in fandom, if not on a daily basis, frequently enough to concern me -- just matters of basic privacy that are important to me and I think should be important to everyone, though I understand that they may not be. However, it's not always as simple as that...

The internet allows us to conduct ourselves in many ways, with many personas. Some people are not worried if these personas cross paths, having more than one is a matter of administration rather than an attempt to compartmentalise online, and indeed, offline activities.

Clearly, everyone reading this is at least reasonably familiar with the way the internet works, what can and can't be done, but what I want to do in this post is lay a few examples at your door, not to scare you, but maybe to make you think a little more on the ramifications your 'net dealings have on yourself and those you deal with.

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.....led to a headache that lasted longer.

My company used to run it's own Exchange server for all our email and calendaring needs...then back last October our (new) server got sick and died. We spend a bucket load of money recovering lost data and it was decided (against my wishes) to out source our mail account management.

We've had more problems with the managed system than we did with our own internal system. Not least with the interference between the old and new accounts. We didn't delete our old Exchange accounts before adding our new POP3 accounts in Outlook, at first this didn't seem to cause any problems. One by one the problems have crept in and they mostly centre around outgoing mail.

For the last couple of weeks I have not been able to forward mail. I have managed to get around it by copy/pasting the old email to the new but on Friday I really needed to forward the email so that it would have the original time stamp on it as I was being accused of not having sent an email by a customer.

So I deleted my Exchange account.

Which shouldn't have made any difference as all I was getting rid of was the unused connection to the old mail server that sits in one of our offices.

Immediate effect: no out going mail what so ever, no access to old emails through Outlook.

I managed to get access to my existing emails using a combination of Copernic and shortcuts. Then on Sunday that access disappeared and I am left with only being able to see info about emails using Copernic and see attachments but not open them.

By total fluke I managed to restore the ability to send mail. This is not a credit to my IT problem solving skills but to the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft technologies

I have a mountain load of work to do, barely any of which I can do effectively without access to a whole bunch of mails that I was sent at the end of last week and I can't just go asking people to send out 10 or so emails again each.

No one seems to want to help - all I get is 'oh I don't know much about Exchange' except when these people have 30 years + experience in the industry or 10 years plus a degree in computer science....they have a damn sight better chance of happening upon the right solution than little old me who has been doing this for 2 years and has nothing more than a computer science A-level taken over 10 years ago.

I am crying tears of frustration....which I figure is better than chucking my computer off my balcony or screaming down the phone at colleagues.

I don't know what I'm going to do, I really don't think I'm going to be able to fix this one.....I'm a total idiot for creating the whole damn situation in the first place.


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