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Title: Sugar and Spice, or Puppy Dog Tails
Author: [livejournal.com profile] godricgal
Summary: Tonks has a proposition to put to Remus; Remus has one of his own.
Rating:R, for sexual content.
Word count: 784 words
Author's Notes Written for [livejournal.com profile] mrstater, who requested Remus, Tonks and Teddy with the prompt 'rabbit'. There is not so much Teddy, probably even less of mention of rabbits, but this is what I came up with. I'm not sure if this is complete as it is, or if it really ought to be about twice as long, but I resolved with this drabble meme to write and post, so that is what I'm doing! I hope it's enjoyable for what it is. :) Feedback would be appreciated.

Sugar and Spice, or Puppy Dog Tails

"Do you think we should get Teddy a pet?" I ask, one lazy Sunday afternoon. We're in bed, and have been all day, taking advantage of the monthly grandmother and grandson day, to make up for the rest of the days of the month when our bed is invaded by a bouncy toddler by seven am. Seven fifteen if we're lucky.

Remus' voice drifts up from near my feet; we're lying top to tail. "Isn't a werewolf in the basement enough for one family to be getting on with?" he says, words slightly muffled by the kisses he's pressing at my ankles, which are going to distract me from the rest of this conversation and I'm quite serious about it.

"Remus, be serious," I say.

"Well, he was a dog. I don't think we should get a dog. They make too much mess, require too much walking and you wouldn't believe the fleas."

Walked right into that one, didn't I? Still, we've made progress: no dogs.

"Well, I expect mum knows an ace de-fleaing charm, but --"

Remus sits up slightly and gives me a look that is withering and foreshadows the sarcasm that is about to drip from whatever he's about to say. "Dora, my love, don't you think that if there was an 'ace de-fleaing charm', your handsome and brilliant husband would have figured it out rather than scratching his way through two years of school?"

I lift my foot and scratch his head with my toes. "Pardon me, dearest and cleverest husband of mine," I reply, trying to match his tone but he's caught my foot with his hand and pressing kisses to it in a way that makes me want to laugh and sigh at the same time, and I don't quite pull it off.

His lips trace a path across my ankle to the inside of my calf, which he knows I cannot resist. My head falls back to the pillows and my breaths become more shallow with each fraction of an inch that his mouth creeps up my leg. He pushes my knees apart slightly when he reaches them, and I'm just about to tell him that our conversation can wait, if he's more interested in doing what he's doing, when he stops, crosses his arms over my bare thighs and rests his chin on them, looking up at me with an expression of utmost innocence.

"What about a cat?" he says.

"Too scratchy, too jumpy," I say, "but--"

"We could ask Minerva to pop by, teach it a thing or two about scratching and jumping etiquette; I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"I think Minerva normally limits herself to overseeing the educational needs of the future of the Wizarding World, rather than attending to the house training of Lupin family pets. I was thinking--"

"A budgie, then?" His fingers have started a slow dance on the inside of my thighs and I curse myself for not initiating this conversation over fish fingers, chips and peas on a weekday afternoon.

"A budgie, Remus? What would a three year old do with a budgie? Look, how about a --"


"No, Remus! Let me finish!" Every nerve ending in my body is on fire and crying out for his touch. "What about a rabbit?"

He halts his movement, and looks at me, horrified, for a moment, then says, "No. No, we can't get a rabbit."

"Why ever not? I'm sure they're no trouble, just cleaning out the hutch once in a while, cutting up a few carrots..." I say, perplexed and a little bit amused at my war hero husband, the terrifying werewolf who seems to have been Stunned by the thought of welcoming a fluffy bunny with a cotton ball tail into the household.

"Sirius, James...I'd never live it down," he says, not quite clearing the matter up.

"Going to need more details, love, before I let you wash away our son's hope of having a pet of his own."

"Long story," he says. "Involving a girl, James, and a giant helping of euphemism."

I'm not sure I want to know; and when Remus presses a kiss to my skin, just next to the band of my knickers that I think I may have been foolish to put back on, I'm pretty certain I don't need to know about it now and already putting a mental knot in the hankie to broach the subject later in the week because clearly this isn't an issue we can resolve quickly and my body is crying out for a completely different sort of resolution...

Remus, it seems, has another suggestion:

"What about getting him a brother or sister?"

The End

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